Movie GIFs

Gods of Egypt, A. Proyas, 2016 |

For my first movie GIF, I choose the movie Gods of Egypt. Mainly because it is my favorite movie, ever. I recommend 100%. If you’re into action and adventure, with a bit of history on the side. I also chose this scene because when I first watched this movie, it’s special effects took my breath away.

Silver Linings Playbook, D. O. Russell, 2012 |

Second place, Silver Linings Playbook. This movie, its concept, the actors, the cinematography. Everything is perfectly portrayed. In this scene, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence aka Pat and Tiffany are performing their final number for the ultimate Dance Competition.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, D. Yates, 2011 |

I couldn’t leave out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. This scene right here, gave me goosebumps. Proffesor McGonagall is casting the spell “Piertotum Locomotor” to protect Hogwarts against Voldemort and his peers. She had always wanted to say those words!

Grease, R. Kleiser, 1978 |

I think everyone has watched the movie Grease at least once in their lifetime. This movie is truly an old time’s masterpiece. In this scene, Danny is shook when he sees how much Sandy has changed her appearance and attitude, to which she answers, “Tell me about it, stud.”

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